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My digital courses are the most comprehensive trainings available for understanding the gut microbiome. Each course is structured in a way that will help you understand exactly what’s happening in your gut, so you can craft a lifestyle optimized for healing, vitality, and out-of-this-world #2’s.

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The plant fed gut


A 7-week journey to reverse gut dysbiosis and heal your microbiome

The Plant Fed Gut is my premier gut health masterclass. Over seven weeks, you will learn to heal your gut, optimize your microbiome and reverse dysbiosis so you can finally gain comprehensive knowledge on supporting your body for optimal health. You’ll be guided to understand why you’re sick so that you create an action plan for healing.

If you’re ready to become your own health advocate, then you’re ready for this course.


About Constipation

A comprehensive training on getting regular and experiencing complete and effortless bowel movements

In this comprehensive training you'll learn...

5 key points I wish everyone knew about constipation

The dangerous thought pattern that makes treating challenging cases even more difficult about constipation

What symptoms I listen for when I’m diagnosing someone with constipation

The most important part of becoming regular with your bowel movements

Why changing your diet can do more harm than good when you’re working to get regular

The supplements GI doctors fear the most and the ones I advise my patients to avoid

Going Head-to-Head

With Heartburn

A comprehensive virtual training on heartburn, acid reflux, and GERD, and how to tame the flames

In this comprehensive training you'll learn...

5 key points I wish everyone knew about heartburn

The differences between heartburn, acid reflux, and GERD and what causes each of them

How to identify the symptoms of silent reflux and major causes of it

The health conditions associated with acid reflux

What the real deal is with Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPIs) and the role of medication (and when you should get off it)

6 natural remedies to try over 30 days that lead to significant healing


The Air

Diagnose and Learn to Treat the Root Cause of Your Gas & Bloating

In this comprehensive training you'll learn...

How to pinpoint the root source of your gas and bloating symptoms

The four main causes of gas and bloating (and why you shouldn’t rule any of them out for yourself too quickly)

Why gas and bloating is about so much more than the food you eat, and an overview of the types of conditions that can contribute to gas and bloating

Empowering methods for understanding your body’s signals more clearly AND for relieving symptoms more decisively

The structure and specific steps you’ll need to take to develop your own personalized treatment plan


Perhaps you have been suffering and miserable for far too long, with a myriad of digestive and other symptoms that feel overwhelming. You deserve a solution. That solution, quite simply, is to reconstruct the gut microbiota, restore the healthy gut microbes to power, and repair the broken tight junctions. Once repaired, you can put that machine for human health to work by fueling it with its preferred fuel — fiber!

With the Overcoming Food Intolerance Training Series, I'll provide a path that will allow you to rekindle your relationship with food so that you can stop fearing it and get back to loving it, without all the symptoms that are plaguing you. Through this education, you'll be able to understand and properly interpret what's happening with your body, identify the root of the issue, and generate solutions.

These powerful, life-changing methods are designed to heal your digestive issues, restore function to your digestive mechanism, and allow you to thrive on a diet that celebrates plants in abundance and diversity.

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Food Intolerance

A Comprehensive Virtual Training to Determine The Source of Your Food Intolerance & Sensitivities
Your Food Intolerance & Sensitivities

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FODMAP Intolerance

A Comprehensive Virtual Training to Methodically Reintroduce FODMAP Foods, Overcome Intolerance Symptoms, and Heal Your Gut

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Histamine Intolerance

A Comprehensive Virtual Training to Systematically Restore Histamine Balance, Overcome Intolerance Symptoms, and Heal Your Gut

Dr. B's


Reset Your Gut, Restore Your Health, and Revitalize Your Routine

With pre-challenge prep, 21 daily lessons (including videos, recipes, worksheets, and more), structured action steps, unlimited access and private community support — I’m here to show you exactly how to have fun while experiencing a personal health revolution!


Empowered Gut


Gain new insight from wellness visionaries and give your gut a leg up

Watch 9+ hours of virtual sessions covering topics like food intolerance, sprouting, environmental impacts, repurposing food, holistic healing, mind + body practices for wellness, yoga, trauma healing, and fermentation. 

Along with lifetime access to these recordings, you’ll get the Empowered Gut Summit Official Companion Guide and Workbook. This Guide includes a deep dive into each session along with exclusive worksheets to broaden your understanding of each day’s lessons. This Guide and accompanying worksheets are not available anywhere else.


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