Hey! I’m Dr. Will Bulsiewicz, MD MSCI (pronounced Bull-suh-wits)—but you can just call me Dr. B.

Around here, I help thousands of people just like you create incredible results in their health and wellbeing with one simple act: learning to take better care of their gut health with the power of plants.

My approach combines my 14 years as an MD with the latest cutting-edge medical research to help you face your health goals and challenges head-on and achieve incredible results—without leaning exclusively on pills or powders.

Why? Because by helping you shift your lifestyle and make better, evidence-based choices, I can help you more in a month than I could in a lifetime of scribbling prescriptions on a pad.

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Instead of covering the problem, together we’ll get to the root cause, fix it, and find out how to prevent it in the first place.

With a one-two punch of plant-based foods and easy lifestyle shifts like exercise and meditation, you’ll learn to take back control of the way you eat, look, and feel (because yep, your gut health impacts your mental agility and happiness levels too.)

That means easier weight loss. Easing and even reversing symptoms of IBS, leaky gut, and other digestive issues. Stopping problems before they start. And seeing food, and life, in a whole new light.


But wait. How do I know this system works exactly?

Because I’ve taken this journey myself— and I’ll never share anything with you that I haven’t (or wouldn’t) try myself.

Here’s a bit more about my story:


I’ll kick off my street cred.

I went to med school at Georgetown School of Medicine, trained in medicine at Northwestern Memorial Hospital and gastroenterology at The University of North Carolina Hospitals, got my Master of Science in Clinical Investigation (MSCI) from Northwestern University and a certificate in nutrition from Cornell University. I’m board-certified in internal medicine and gastroenterology and an expert in digestive diseases and the gut.

I've also won multiple awards and distinctions for my work as a clinician, and conducted research for/contributed to 20+ published scientific articles and 40+ presentations at national meetings.

Now that it’s clear I’m both an MD and a research geek—why am I doing this exactly?

For my entire career, I’ve balanced my love of working with patients with my obsession with cutting-edge scientific breakthroughs that are changing the way we see the gut, and medicine as a whole.

But the biggest shift happened when I started applying what I was learning from these research papers to my own life, and the lives of my patients.

Let me tell you:
the results were mind-blowing.


I personally I lost upwards of 45 pounds and felt better than I had in years, and I was watching patients manage, and even reverse their own symptoms in incredible new ways.

The changes were so huge, in fact, I was forced to reexamine my approach to treating disease and the maintenance of health.

That’s why I started talking about gut health beyond the walls of my clinic:

I felt a compulsion to share all this information I knew could make a difference in more people’s lives.

So, I opened up social media account called @theguthealthMD in the summer of 2016 really with 0 expectations.

And it… exploded.

At the time of writing this, my Gut Health Social media community is 100,000 strong, with more joining us every day. (Get your ass in here!)


My goal has always been simple:

to be a trusted, research- based resource helping people everywhere create positive change in their lives.

Because you don’t need to wait for this slow-moving leviathan called “western health care” to get the life-changing information you need.

Through my upcoming book and free tools, I’ll break it all down for you, piece by digestible piece, so you can take the simple steps that will help you create incredible shifts in your gut, symptoms, and life.


To kickstart it, I invite you to get your hands on my FREE two-ingredient gut health super snack recipe, and start tasting and feeling the impact a little gut TLC can have on your life.

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