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Fact: Food is the #1 determinant of health and disease during your lifetime.

Over the years, you’ll eat a whopping ~80,000 pounds of it.

The good news?

That means you get ~80,000 chances to make a great choice for your body and your life.

Because research shows: Whether it’s digestion, metabolism, the immune system, or your mood — all thriving health begins in the gut.

And no matter where you are or what you’re struggling with?

You can start right now.

gut health fact #1

70% of your immune system lives in your gut, directly communicating with your gut microbes

gut health fact #2

90% of serotonin – the happy hormone that controls mood – is produced in the gut

gut health fact #3

Gut microbes can tinker with your hormones, estrogen and testosterone

gut health fact #4

Through epigenetics, gut microbes can play your genetic code like a switchboard, flipping genes off and on

gut health fact #5

Even Ryan Gosling has microbes in his gut

Identify the problem
I’ll give you tools to define the health issue you want to tackle most (like IBS, weight loss, etc.) so you can get to the source, and begin to take the steps to solve it.

Get a personalized plan
You’ll make the small changes to your diet and lifestyle that create HUGE health results, while enjoying all the delicious plant-based colors, flavors, & textures you crave—no restriction necessary. Food in ABUNDANCE!

Experience the difference
No more pills or powders. Simple, manageable steps. This all-natural, research-driven approach will help you feel incredible in body and mind, permanently; and it’s designed by a leading gut health expert and MD (me!).

Take your wellness to the next level
Once you build momentum and love your results? I’m challenging you to step your game up by joining me on this quest to Plant Fed Paradise.

The weight starts to fall off. I've personally lost 45 pounds by following my own advice

“Help them help you!” Optimize your microbiome, let your body work the way it was supposed to, and healing will happen naturally.

You can lose the restrictive diets, decrease food sensitivity,and enjoy your food again!

You begin to look and feel younger, and practically age in reverse. Seriously!

Brain fog disappears, and you experience mental agility & stamina like never before.

Think of me like the doctor in your pocket (or laptop), bringing you the latest breakthrough research and gut health science, and helping you apply it in a fun, easy way that fits your real life.

Because living—and feeling—better is what being #plantfed is all about.

Ready to get started?
Here’s a sneak peek at what we’re building for you:

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