A 7-week journey to reverse gut dysbiosis and heal your microbiome with Dr. Will Bulsiewicz

The Plant Fed Gut is the premier gut health masterclass led by an award-winning gastroenterologist and New York Times bestselling author.

Over seven weeks, you will learn to heal your gut, optimize your microbiome and reverse dysbiosis so you can finally:

Gain comprehensive knowledge on supporting your body for optimal health.

Reverse digestive disorders.

Create an action plan for healing.

Stop living in fear of mealtimes and start enjoying them — maybe for the first time ever.

Accomplish your weight goals without restricting yourself.

Become your own health advocate.

Become the energetic person you've always wanted to be.


From Bloated & Tired to Plant-Fed Powerhouse

It wasn’t that long ago that my health and quality of life looked a lot different than it does today. I was in my early thirties, though I felt much older, and although I was doing my gastroenterology fellowship, I had a slew of my own digestive issues. A few spoonfuls of beans or whole-wheat pasta, for example, would set off waves of crippling abdominal pains, gas, and my insides felt a distended balloon. I’d toss and turn at night with stomach pains, feeling hungover the next day from lost sleep.

Back in those days, my solution was to avoid the issue. (Sound familiar?) I didn’t want to acknowledge that the food I was eating might be the problem. There were too many Philly cheesesteaks and Italian cold cut subs to inhale for me to miss the beans and whole grains. They certainly weren’t required for my tater tots.

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I was 50lbs overweight with a saggy gut hanging over my belly. It was sobering. This was not the person I remembered from years past. I’d always thought of myself as an athlete, but the blood pressure pills sitting on the sink were a harsh reminder of how much had changed. I was anxious and depressed. I had low self-esteem and low energy. I was addicted to unhealthy food and the fleeting joy it brought me.

I didn't know how to fix myself. I had elite training from institutions like Vanderbilt, Georgetown, and Northwestern, but the pills and procedures in my toolbox weren't going to correct the problem I was facing.

What I came to understand was that I needed to fix my gut to fix my problems. And, when I did, I not only felt better, I was able to restore function. Not only could I eat a few scoops of beans or a bowl of pasta without pain, I actually became capable of eating them without restriction. I no longer had to fear my food. I knew how to become an even healthier version of the person I used to be.

The science-based research surrounding how our gut microbes affect every system in our body, and the fuel we feed it being the best course of action for preventing chronic medical issues, is our roadmap to optimal health. I've made it my life's mission to teach what I know and share the science in a digestible way so that others can make empowered decisions about their health.

That's what you'll find inside The Plant Fed Gut Masterclass.




Learn The Root Causes of Gut Dysbiosis

We all have a personal gut story. What’s yours? In this course, we will figure out what parts of your past are contributing to the gut issues that you’re experiencing today. You can’t fix your gut if you don’t understand where the problem started!


Find Your Diagnosis

You can’t properly know how to treat if you don’t know what you’re treating. You will get the education that you need to create an action plan that leads you to your diagnosis. We’ve had numerous participants uncover something that their doctor hadn’t thought of.


Understand Food Sensitivities

You’ve been told they are irreversible, that you should just eliminate the food and move on. This is flat out wrong! They are reversible, and this course will teach you the methodology to get those foods back on the plate and start enjoying them again.


Optimize Your Gut Microbiome

Your gut connects to your digestion and nutrient absorption, immune system, inflammation, your weight balance, hormones and even mood and brain function. Whether you are sick and healthy, we all need to pay attention to our gut in order to achieve the radiant health that we deserve.


Create a Lifestyle That Heals

Your gut mirrors your diet and lifestyle, meaning that when you eat the right food and properly organize your life you will optimize your gut microbiome and in the process enjoy a cascade of health benefits that come with that.



Guts & Plants & Microbiome (Oh My!)

Let's dive into the microbiome to understand the concepts of gut health, dysbiosis, and the microbes. These foundational elements form the basis for understanding how to heal. We’ll create a vision for the future based upon a realistic expectation of what a healthy gut feels like so that we know where we’re going and what that will look like when we get there.


The Real Reason You’re Sick. Navigate to Your True Diagnosis.

By the end of this lesson, you will understand how you can get to your diagnosis for why you’re sick. We’ll dive in symptom-by-symptom and you’ll go inside Dr. B’s brain to hear what he’s thinking about and how he approaches these individual issues. We’ll put a special focus on the role constipation, celiac disease and gluten intolerance play in the health of your gut and microbiome. You’ll understand the difference between a food sensitivity vs. allergy. We’ll identify the tests to take to address your symptoms and issues so that you can develop a plan for how to navigate the system to find your true diagnosis. How can you treat if you don’t know what you’re treating? It starts here.


Hey Doc! What’s My Poop Telling Me?

People want to know, “What is your poo saying about you?” By the end of this lesson, you will understand the different variations of bowel movements and poop. You’ll understand the impact these variations have on your health as well as best next steps to take to alleviate symptoms and heal. Little did you realize how much information can be gathered from your bowel movements — the sixth vital sign!


Bust Fiber Myths and Rock Your F-Goals

Fiber forms the foundation of a healthy gut, but many people struggle to eat fiber when they’re suffering with digestive issues. It’s time to fix that! By the end of this lesson, you will understand the role, definition and importance of fiber and FODMAPs in your diet. You’ll also learn common fiber myths and the importance of a reintroduction diet versus strict elimination. It’s important to know exactly how to alter your diet to optimize your gut, so let’s do just that.


What’s Damaging Your Gut?

Every single one of us has a personal health journey with a backstory to it. By the end of this lesson, you will understand the primary culprits damaging your gut that include 21st century lifestyle (not sleeping, not eating fiber and exercising), food preservatives, antibiotics, medications (NSAIDs, PPIs, birth control), trauma and stress. This is about understanding how you got to where you are. What’s your gut health story? We’re going to define it this week and use that information as we move forward to address the root of our issues.


Seven Ways to Heal Your Gut Without Lifting a Fork

Gut health isn’t just about what you eat. In fact, those of you who suffer with food sensitivity can start healing today without challenging your gut with diet changes. By the end of this lesson, you’ll learn new lifestyle habits that will empower you to gently support and heal your gut health.


Your Guide to Supplements 101

Supplements are sold to us as the key to optimal gut health, but are they? By the end of this lesson, you’ll understand the role of supplements in your gut health. We’ll debunk many of the common supplement myths and Dr. B will bring forward his recommendations for supplements to optimize your gut.

“I have learned SO much from following along with Dr B. for the last year. Not only is he a credible, trustworthy source but he also breaks down the information in a way that it is easy to comprehend and apply. He is one of the few that looks at food as medicine while also supporting the facts that scientific studies have proven. I can't recommend this course, or his book 'Fiber Fueled', enough. He is changing the lives of many and I am excited for what's to come!”

— Nyssa

What’s Included

Lifetime Access

Go through the class over the next 7 weeks or enjoy the Masterclass completely self-paced. It's yours for life with both private portal and mobile app access, so you return to it to refresh your information as your gut health changes.

Workbooks & Resources

You'll be equipped to navigate the course and achieve the best results with weekly comprehensive workbooks, supporting materials, and additional resources.

Daily Videos & Audios

For 35 days, you'll have training videos, case studies, journal reviews, and expert interviews to learn from. Modules will drip out a week at a time and each morning you'll receive a daily email prompting you to consume the day's lesson (habits are built on repetition and understanding!) and big takeaways.

27 Exclusive Recipes

Drool-worthy recipes that are sure to become the staples in your weekly rotation. You'll feel great eating them as you work your way towards healing and optimal health without sacrificing any of the flavor.

30+ Hours of Q&As, Guest Expert Sessions + FAQ

There's gold in a good Q&A and these are great. Access an FAQ Vault with 10+ hours of bonus questions and answers, plus get the recordings of weekly Q&As with Dr. B from 2021 and 2022 classes. Plus, access lectures, interviews, and Q&As with experts on longevity, hormone health, brain vitality, gut trauma, and more.

Certificate of Completion

This course is designed to be the premier gut health course for the layperson, but health practitioners will benefit from participation as well. All students who complete the 7-week educational program will be certified in plant-based gut health.

Alumni Perks

Once you're a member of the Fiber Fam, you're a member for life! This means you'll get access to programs and resources early, plus discounts. That includes a steep discount on future cohorts of the Masterclass hosted live, so you can participate in live Q&As, live guest expert sessions, course upgrades, and the exclusive class community.

Dr. B’s digestible guide to:

Plant Points Logo_White

Joining The Plant Fed Gut Masterclass comes along with plenty of perks, and Dr. B’s Digestible Guide to Plant Points is one of them! If you’re not yet familiar, Plant Points are a fun way to meet my golden rule of getting more plants into your daily diet. Because as we all know by now (hopefully!), more plants equals more health. 

You’ll learn what Plant Points are, how much plant makes up a point, what counts/doesn’t count as a Plant Point, answers to the most commonly asked questions about Plant Points, and you’ll get some handy worksheets helping you track just how much plant diversity you’re getting into your diet on a daily and weekly basis. I even whipped up a little challenge to go along with your sheets because who doesn't love a good challenge?!

This course IS for you if you…

Want high quality, evidence-based information on gut health from a trusted, internationally recognized source.

Suffer from chronic digestive issues or food sensitivities as a result of dysbiosis and want to optimize your gut microbiome.

Believe your problem may start in your gut, but aren’t quite sure where to begin.

Want to connect with likeminded people and learn from and support each other as we all strive towards healing and optimizing our guts.

Are struggling to navigate the healthcare system to get your diagnosis and solutions.

Loved the Fiber Fueled books but want to go beyond the book, to the next level.

Are a healthcare provider and want to enhance your education and add a new dimension to your clinical practice.

This course may not be for you if you…

Already have a diagnosis & have very specific questions about it.

Have complex medical issues that are best served with 1:1 consultation.

Want to transfer your care to Dr. B and make him your personal doctor.


How is The Plant Fed Gut Masterclass Different From the Fiber Fueled books?

Both Fiber Fueled and The Fiber Fueled Cookbook are excellent starting points to establish the core tenets of gut health, but they are not intended to provide comprehensive education on the topic. The Plant Fed Gut Masterclass is a complete education, delivered over 7 weeks using videos and a workbook prepared by Dr. B over the course of a year. Additionally, the course will feature 27 exclusive recipes not found in either book.

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7 Weeks of Daily Comprehensive Videos & Audio Lessons

30+ Hours of Bonus Health FAQ Videos

27 Exclusive Recipes

Dr. B’s Digestible Guide to Plant Points

On-Demand Lifetime Access

Alumni Discounts on Future Live Classes


Best Deal



Plant Plan

2 PAYMENTS OF $259.50


Still have questions? Email

Hey! I'm Dr. Will Bulsiewicz, MD MSCI

(Pronounced Bull-Suh-Wits)-But You Can Just Call Me Dr. B.

You may know me as @TheGutHealthMD. I’m the New York Times bestselling author of Fiber Fueled and The Fiber Fueled Cookbook. An award winning gastroenterologist, and an internationally recognized gut health expert.

I’ve dedicated my life to learning how to heal the gut from the inside out.

I completed a bachelor’s degree from Vanderbilt University, an MD from Georgetown University, and a master’s in clinical investigation from Northwestern University.

I was also the chief medical resident at Northwestern and the chief gastroenterology fellow at UNC, and I received the highest award given by both my residency and fellowship.

I created this course so that YOU could begin the life-changing journey of healing your gut. I’ve cared for thousands of real people suffering with chronic digestive disorders. I get them better, but I always wish we could sit down for a long conversation and I would teach them everything I know. Now, FINALLY, I have a way to have that conversation with you, whether you are my patient or not. This is for the people seeking complete knowledge on gut health, who want to go beyond the book for complete understanding.

I’m honored to be your teacher and I hope you enjoy the training!

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