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Fact: Food is the #1 determinant of health and disease during your lifetime.

Over the years, you’ll eat a whopping ~80,000 pounds of it.

The good news? That means you get ~80,000 chances to make a great choice for your body and your life. Because research shows: Whether it’s digestion, metabolism, the immune system, or your mood — all thriving health begins in the gut.

And no matter where you are or what you’re struggling with?


You can start right now.

gut health fact #1

70% of your immune system lives in your gut, directly communicating with your gut microbes

gut health fact #2

90% of serotonin – the happy hormone that controls mood – is produced in the gut

gut health fact #3

Gut microbes can tinker with your hormones, estrogen and testosterone

gut health fact #4

Through epigenetics, gut microbes can play your genetic code like a switchboard, flipping genes off and on

gut health fact #5

Even Ryan Gosling has microbes in his gut


Grab the New York Times, USA Today and Publisher's Weekly Bestseller today! Fiber Fueled is a step-by-step methodology to stop the misinformation madness caused by the diet industry. It will show you the simple, science-backed process for a lifestyle that is effortless, sustainable, and above all else it transforms your health by optimizing your gut microbiome.


Are you ready to feel like yourself again? Before the food sensitivities, bloating, and messed up bowel movements? The Plant Fed Gut is THE premiere online gut health course led by an award winning gastroenterologist and New York Times-bestselling author. Over seven weeks, you will learn to heal your gut, optimize your microbiome and reverse dysbiosis so you can finally take back control of your health.

I’m Will Bulsiewicz, MD MSCI, board certified gastroenterologist and gut health expert—but you can call me Dr. B.

drb-as-seen-in (1)

Every day, I help my patients and members of my #plantfed community hop off the “health hype train” to nowhere (like bouncing from Whole30 to raw fruit vegan, Atkins, keto, paleo, and back again) and into a whole new experience of "lifestyle medicine" - which is so much more powerful than a pill or diet.

Think of me like the doctor in your pocket (or laptop), bringing you the latest breakthrough research and gut health science, and helping you apply it in a fun, easy way that fits your real life.

Because living—and feeling—better is what being #plantfed is all about.

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"I have been struggling with IBS for 7+ years and I was having chronic diarrhea 2-3 times a week with no real help or guidance from doctors. I was tested for everything, I tried meds and low FODMAP with no true relief. All of your Will's information made so much sense. I made the changes he recommends and they've made a huge impact! It's been a month since I started eating a whole food diet and I have no symptoms! THANK YOU!"

—Andrea, Oregon

"After years of dealing with GI issues, I knew there had to be something or someone different. Dr. B is exactly who I needed! His approach to care is refreshing and life-giving. Through him, I've been able to clearly identify issues in my diet and body to make healthy adjustments to improve my life."

— David, Missouri

"I found Dr. B after taking steps to improve my gut health. He helped me lose inches off my waist, overcome food and sugar addiction, and get off my (low dose) thyroid medication, and I am SO grateful! Up to date info, backed by science and clinical practice equals one priceless resource. Thank you, Dr. B!"

— Kris, Indiana
"About a year ago I was on my weight loss journey when I came across Dr. B's instagram and was inspired to heal my gut. I cut out dairy and my gut stopped feeling inflamed every time I ate. My skin was smoother and I could perform better in the gym. As I went along reading his posts, I learned about the hormone and gut connection. I eventually cut out eggs and meat and finally went plant-based. Best thing I ever did. My skin hasn't been this clear in years."
— Grace, Arizona

"It's not often you come across someone who not only has the will and determination to help other people but also the scientific knowledge and medical training to back it up. Dr. B is truly exceptional and his approach is human, practical, and sustainable towards a world with better gut health and more. His passion and enthusiasm are truly infectious and the world would truly be a better place with more people like Dr. B in it."

— Evan, Australia
"I’ve always had a slow gut and would be lucky to go to the toilet every 8 days. The doctors told me this was ‘my normal’ and not to worry. In September 2019 I heard Dr. B. on a podcast and he made it all sound so simple eat a variety of plants every day. I could basically eat in an abundance and not have to cut out carbohydrates or foods considered ‘bad’ so I thought "why not?". Within a few days of adding in more vegetables, I was going to the toilet every day, which is a miracle! Then I was all in, I cut out all animal products and began to feel amazing both physically and mentally. My knees were always full of inflammation, I no longer have this problem and I’m feeling amazing. I’ve been plant-based for 4 months now and have never felt so good, my physical activity has increased, I go to the toilet daily and no longer have pain in my knees."
— Jo, Australia
"In 2017 Dr. B discovered my stage IV colon cancer. Since then he has helped me beat cancer and transition to a plant-based diet. With Dr. B's support, knowledge and guidance of my plant-based lifestyle he has enabled me to feel better, stronger, healthier and live cancer free! Dr. B literally saved my life!"
— Kendall, South Carolina
"With his genuine care and infectious passion, Dr. B is the gold standard! Through his encouragement I've diversified my whole foods plant-based lifestyle into one of total abundance! These changes have allowed me to optimize my nutrition and recovery for an incredibly consistent year of marathon training."
— Jayden, Australia