When I step onstage for a keynote or workshop, I’m not just bringing the latest scientific breakthroughs in digestive health to your audience.

I’m bringing a powerful, high-energy experience designed to blow them away with what’s possible.

With a combination of good humor, real stories from my own life and work, and the latest research-backed insights, I break complex medical concepts down into easy-to-digest (pun intended) ideas and action steps any audience member can use and apply.

There’s a reason the gut is being called “the second brain” by physicians everywhere: beyond taking care of your body, a few simple gut-friendly nutritional guidelines can skyrocket productivity and focus levels, reduce brain fog, and so much more.

This makes gut health an ideal topic for high-performers, executives, and managers in organizations, as well as anyone interested in getting healthier.

Whether I’m speaking at a hospital, conference, a private event, or a school, my end goal is always the same: to help everyone listening look, feel, and eat better.


Ready to book me to speak? Here are topics I love to discuss:

Speaking Inquiries

Ready to book me to speak? Here are topics I love to discuss:


The Gut Health Game-changing Foods

Why you need them, and how to make them


What to do when your gut hates you


What to do when your gut hates you

"It's not often you come across someone who not only has the will and determination to help other people but also the scientific knowledge and medical training to back it up. Dr. B is truly exceptional and his approach is really human, practical, and sustainable towards a world with better gut health and more. His passion and enthusiasm are truly infectious and the world would truly be a better place with more people like Dr. B in it."

— Evan, Australia

"After years of dealing with GI issues, I knew there had to be something or someone different. Dr. B is exactly who I needed! His approach to care is refreshing and life-giving. Through him, I've been able to clearly identify issues in my diet and body to make healthy adjustments to improve my life."

— David, Missouri