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How can we separate the facts from the fibs? In one word – science.  It is our compass guiding us (imperfectly) towards a better understanding of this world. This is our source of truth.

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What evidence do you have to back this up?

Show me your sources.

We must learn to verify first, trust second. Trust is earned. Unfortunately, it’s shockingly implicit on the internet today. Why does the number of followers somehow make a source more trustworthy? We all do it, but it’s wildly flawed.

Verification requires effort. It’s easier to jump straight to trusting, but that’s how we step in it. Instead, we should challenge what we are being told in the interest of verifying to build trust. Our effort will be rewarded by establishing a legit, trustworthy source that we can then apply the (verifiable) information that they share to our life.

With that in mind, I’m sharing my sources. After five hours of deep diving with Rich Roll, I’m handing over 270+ sources (with links) in the interest of transparency, confidence building, and your empowerment! One important thing. I may update this document in the future and add more to it. Science is complicated and it constantly revises itself. What comes out of my mouth isn’t one study, it’s a lifetime of education. And it evolves.


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